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Welcome to the guestbook
Hombre Swingarm 11/9/12 Seattle Wash Thanks La Costa chapter for a great Toy Run, good times were had by all!

Hombre RP 11/21/12 Hub City, WA. Nice site, Push up to the Seattle Crew, Great hangin with ya last weekend, looking
forward to Denver. LLHR Hombre RP HFFH Vertu Fortuna

Hombre James Dean 11/25/12 La-Costa-Wash. The site is looking outstanding, Brothers. Our other Brothers will be hard pressed to
compete with either of ours. Love, Loyalty, Honor, and Respect.

HOMBRE TIEDOWN 11/25/12 OLYWA Lookin all civilized and sh*t ! "SWEET" LLHR TIEDOWN

MRMC 12/12/12 Singapore, Greetings from Militia Rider MC Singapore Wishing all a Merry Christmas & Great 2013 ahead!
Respect & Regards, MRMC Singapore

Hombre James Dean 12/24/12 La-Costa-Wash. Merry Christmas to my Seattle Brothers and family. Love, Loyalty, Honor, and Respect. HFFH
Hombre Twisted 01/26/13 Tacoma Wash. Thank you Brother for posting the flyer. LLHR Twisted
Drew 03/31/2013 Seattle Wash. A sincere thanks for the opportunity to participate in today's run in Tacoma. It was an honor to meet some of the members and enjoy the day while supporting a good cause.
Hombre Skid's Dad 04/28/13 98908. Very proud to see my boy flying an Hombre patch. Wish I was younger I would step up. Much Love and Respect. Bob, Hombre Skid's Proud Dad

HOMBRE IRISH, SNO VALLEY WA. Looking forward to ROADKILL 2013 and seeing my Seattle Brothers. I love you and miss you and cant wait to see you again. Rubber side down and wind at your back. LLHR
Toad, USA. Seattle Brothers, Thanks for the hospitality, great food and Brotherhood couldn't be beat. Till we meet again.
HFFH Hombre Toad

AZ Brick,6/30/14 GLENDALE AZ 85302, : Much LL&R's to your club!